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RaspberryMatic Version veröffentlicht

Es wurde die RaspberryMatic Version (Homematic Firmware 2.31.25) für die RaspberryMatic veröffentlicht.

Mit dieser Firmware werden einige Änderungen bereitgestellt.
Die letzten großen Homematic Firmware-Änderungen gab es bereits in der Version

Änderungen RaspberryMatic

  • updated OCCU to 2.31.25-4 incorporating a minor fix for hss_led not correctly setting the status LED of external LAN gateways.
  • added support for PiDesktop platform including:
    • support for power button and status LED
    • support for PCF8563 RTC clock
  • updated updateDCVars.tcl support script (#349) to:
    • only log dutycycle values in case they are >= 80%.
    • create a Wired-Status system variable for logging connection status of Wired-Gatways.
    • fix double runs or logging outputs if more than one gateway is in use.
  • updated U-Boot bootloader to latest stable 2018.05.
  • updated buildroot/Linux environment to latest stable 2018.05 version.
  • added jq json command-line processor tool as a new standard package (#354).
  • modified RPI-RF-MOD LED color/blinking scheme to match CCU3.
  • integrated updated UPnP daemon (ssdpd) which allows to run other UPnP daemons in parallel and which answers to ‘ssdp:all’ requests now as well (hobbyquaker/RedMatic#15)
  • fixed PiUSV+ daemon support to only start its monitoring daemon in case no PiDesktop platform has been identified. This should fix problems with PiDesktop-based systems shutting down immediately because it uses the same GPIO pins like the PiUSV+ HAT board.
  • fixed /bin/createBackup.sh by excluding the directory where the backup is about to be created (#341).
  • fixed U-Boot configuration for raspberrypi0 target not being completely in sync with the raspberrypi3 version.
  • minor bugfixes and functional changes.
  • Quelle und Download: https://github.com/jens-maus/RaspberryMatic/releases

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